2011-2012 Basketball League Rules and Guidelines

1)       Sportsmanship                                                                                                                                                                                                             

a.       Practice the five guidelines of FAITH                                                                                                                                                    

b.      Provide a character building sports environment

2)      Equipment

a.       Jerseys and shorts will be provided. Players must wear uniform on game day.

b.      All basketballs will be provided.  Basketball sizes are:

·   Size 5 (27.5"): Pre-K/K and 1/2 grade divisions

·   Size 6 (28.5”): 3/4 grade division

c.       Rim Height - For different divisions:

·   8.5 feet: 1/2 grade and 3/4 grade divisions

·   8 feet: Pre-K/K division        

3)       The Game

a.       Team Play Rule:  Each team member must play time totaling 2 full quarters by the end of the game.   Each team member must be removed from the game for a minimum of 1/2 quarter each half (team numbers will have an impact on this).  Subs are allowed at the end of a quarter or 1/2 quarter.

b.      Players on the Court:  For Pre-K/K division games will be 4 on 4.  For all other divisions, it will be 5 on 5.

c.       Starting the Game:  All games will start at designated times, providing each team has a minimum of four players and a coach.  A 5-minute grace period will be granted before forfeit is called.  If one team has only four players, the game will be played 4-on-4.

The game begins with a jump ball. After that, possession will alternate and be kept at the scorekeeper's table.

d.      Breaks/Timeouts:  Due to a running clock there will be no timeouts.  There will be a I-minute break between quarters and a 4-minute half-time break.  

e.      Defense:   Man-to-man required.  No pressing or guarding in backcourt allowed. 

f.        Wristbands: Each player will wear a wristband to correlate with the person her or she is defending. When teams meet at mid-court to start the game, the visiting team coach has final say on the match-ups. Wristband placement will rotate coaches at each quarter, with the home team coach having the final determination. Skill levels and positions should be the guide for this process.

g.      Rules Violations:  Fouls will result in a turnover.  A warning will be issued the first half of the season for violations (i.e., walking, double-dribbling, 3 seconds in the lane).  Discretion is to be used.

h.      Game StructureTime allotment for each division are below:

i.           Overtime:  No overtime will be played.

j.          Double-Teaming:  is not allowed outside the lane. Play will be stopped and the players will receive a warning.  Wristbands will determine which players are supposed to be guarding one another (switching for help defense is allowed).

k.       Technical Fouls:  A player or coach that receives ONE technical foul or ejection for any one game will result in suspension from the next game on the schedule and requires a meeting with a league director.

l.          Back Court Violation: Will only be called like other violations based on age.

m.      Clock Stoppage:  We will use a running clock that is shared on the two courts.

n.        Weather Cancellations:  If school is cancelled there will be no games or practices that day.  For weekend games and practices we will post a message on     www.faith1stsports.com.